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Our Food With Curated Gin Pairings

Our Gin Dinners offer an opportunity to enjoy your favourite FISK dishes with a selection of gins from Britain and Northern Ireland in a stylish, relaxed setting.

The first series of Gin Dinners takes place on Wednesday 3rd October at FISK Prestbury and the FISK Harrogate event will be held on Wednesday October 10th.

To start the evening, canapés will be served at 7.30pm accompanied by Wynyates Rhubarb Gin, which is handcrafted using fifteen traditional botanicals, enhanced with citrus peel & rhubarb bitters. Dinner will be served at 8pm with a starter of King Prawns, Lightly Battered with Sweet Chilli Sauce, served with Sir Robin Locksley Gin. Produced by the Locksley Distilling Company in Sheffield, the gin in named in honour of local legend, Robin Hood. Taste-wise, the juniper is balanced with elderflower and pink grapefruit to add a citrus finish.

Seafood aficionados will enjoy the main course of Monkfish Massaman Curry whilst meat lovers can opt for Fillet of Beef Massaman Curry, accompanied by Echlinville Irish Pot Still Gin. The Belfast-based producer has been recognised by the Great Taste Awards and the gin’s unique flavour features local botanicals of whin bush petals and Strangford Lough seaweed.

The meal is rounded off with a feast of chocolate; a dark chocolate ganache is complemented by Wynyates Chocolate Gin, flavoured with exotic spices from Africa and Orient.

Tickets – costing £49 per person – are available in our restaurants as well as online.

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