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Kanyana Williams

Our Chef Patron

Growing up in a household where the oven, grill or stovetop seemed to be in constant use, FISK chef patron Kanyana Williams was born to be a foodie.

Thanks to both of her parents being successful chefs in her native Bangkok, she was immersed from an early age in an appreciation of the flavours, spices and textures that make great food such a sensory experience.

Despite that upbringing, her early career saw her forge a different path in fashion, operating a number of successful boutiques in the North-West before negotiating a sale prior to the birth of her children.

With a family firmly established, Kanyana returned to her roots in the restaurant industry, first heading up a successful quick-service restaurant franchise where she was heavily involved in restaurant design and menu development, and then as a private chef.

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Over the last five years she has started to gain a name in her adopted home of Harrogate where she is recognised for her bold flavours, international twists on conventional dishes, and delicate handling of fish and shellfish.

She regularly chefs for the prestigious Harrogate Club (including a quarterly wine society event where wines are paired with five courses), while she also creates menus at intimate dinner parties, for holiday letting companies and cooks at a number of private events, including local shoots and special occasion parties.

FISK, her first high-end restaurants offering, brings all her experience to bear: a buzzy modern setting, simple flavour-filled dishes of sustainably sourced seafood, and a love of Champagne and fine wines.

Since opening, FISK has been short listed for several awards and has won critical acclaim from countless diners. Kanyana’s plan now is to further build the FISK brand nationally and internationally.