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Traceability & Ethical Standards

At FISK, we care about our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, which is why we believe in only sourcing produce from sustainable sources that ensure the future of both fish and fishermen.

What is a sustainable fishery?

Sustainable fisheries are ones that ensure seafood populations are harvested at a sustainable rate where the fish population does not decline over time thanks to adverse fishing practices.

Sustainable practices include pole-and-line caught tuna that is dolphin friendly, RSPCA-approved sources via the Freedom Food certificate, and fisheries approved and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

How does it work in practice?

We ensure that all of our produce is sourced from sustainable fish stocks and we can provide full traceability from suppliers with excellent ethical standards.

  • Salmon is provided by RSPCA-approved Wester Ross Fisheries – the oldest independent salmon farm in Scotland that hand-rears its fish in sea-water lochs.
  • All of our tuna is dolphin friendly and pole and line caught.
  • Our lobster is from certified MSC fisheries.
  • Cod is line caught in Icelandic waters by MSC certified fishermen.